Kancolle default ship slots

kancolle default ship slots

Kantai Collection related posts only . max ship slots for free or available for buying? They never increase the maximum default ship slots. Is the default max slots really 60? Is it possible that item max and ship max are both taken into account-because I have quite a bit of spare equipment. Added the possibility to drag and drop modules between slots ; Added ship damage bonus when crew on board Full & Progressive. I'm using that but there is no subtitles, do I have to change any settings? Fleets with 2 DDs are sent very frequently from the preboss node to the boss node. Torpedoes and bombers can attack before the shelling phase. The general recipes are: A subsequent night battle after a day battle is considered the same battle, so ships which are brought to "heavy damage" during the day battle can participate in night battles without fear of sinking and vice-versa.

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Use Flash player to run the game in its native resolution using the API link, or just resize your browser window. Tagged ships can only go to maps corresponding to the colour codes. Now that you know how to "assign" and "apply" presets you might be wondering "what the hell am I going to use them for? Do note that improving equips uses resources: BGM currently playing on your mainscreen. With the introduction of second remodel for Fusou and Yamashiro, they have recovered the loss to firepower, but that remodel takes a Blueprint - see that page for details on that. Retrieved from " http: Unlike modernization, any equipment on the ship to be remodeled will simply be placed back into your inventory and replaced with the new model's stock equipment. How to get it - Type 1 AP Shell: Wiki has a more in-depth explanation: Combat Combined Fleet Line of Sight Fatigue Docking Experience and Rank Aircraft Proficiency Reinforcement Expansion. However, you also need to max out their modernization bonuses, especially torpedo and armor. There are also seaplane fighters which act like carrier-based fighters, but can be equipped to certain non-carrier classes. The KanColle core IP is the game itself, held by Kadokawa Games, from which Kadokawa Group Holdings's KGH derivative IP comes. Almost all current browser versions are supported. The mentalist kostenlos online schauen 1 Red Gun and 1 Torpedo Mixed Cut-in or 2 Torpedo Gladiators Cut-in Ships with paypal payment procedure slots: Does the slot position of the equipment matter? Log in or sign sizzling hot multi geminator in seconds. Are you sick of letting SS fleets get away while you're putting together and gearing an ASW fleet? How does damage control work? Quasar gaming promo code damaged ships . This message was created by a bot. You need a second fleet. What does the admiral stats page show? Aircraft with yellow icons are used for the recon phase and can help increase damage in the opening carrier attack phase. Create your own and start something epic. If you send them out on expeditions, it'll end up as a failure despite theoretically fitting the requirements stated on the Wiki.

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Why did I get sent back to the base? The fleet must not contain any slow-moving ships to avoid the dangerous submarine node. Posts are automatically archived after 6 months. Damage control equipment can be obtained by completing quests or by purchasing it from the cash shop. FAQ Register Proxy Connection How to Play Leveling FAQ Glossary. Wouldn't be the same without one or the other. There are 2 scenarios:

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